The communal lane is experienced in two manners.

Every weekday of 2017, a devotion will come to you via FaceBook or Instagram written by the people of Valley Christian Center who are participating in Jesus 365. We hope sharing these personal encounters with the text will be a continuous encouragement for you to keep searching for Christ in the daily readings. In addition, we’ll bring to our House Church network interesting and practical resources for engaging and discussing what we are learning and discovering with others. Because there’s no real way to embody or apply the Scriptures outside of community, we’ll be intentional about providing those critical avenues.


As Christians, we cannot operate on truths we do not know and principles we have not learned! People in the New Testament did not “accept” Jesus as their personal Savior as much as identify themselves with a group of radicals and revolutionaries who actually believed Jesus of Nazareth was indeed the anticipated Messiah, the one true King, the only person deserving of the title “Lord.”

FOR THEM, CHURCH WAS EKKLESIA: “the gathering of a people for a specific purpose.” Throughout 2017 we’ll be gathering together in House Churches (our version of small groups) for the specific purpose of reading and studying the Scriptures. We’ll do this with our eyes focused on finding Jesus in the text and our hearts resolved to become more like Him…


The primary goal of the COMMUNAL LANE is to gather on a regular basis to study, discuss and experience Scripture together. There’s no better way to explore the text, ask questions, be vulnerable, and receive encouragement than in community with others. Not for the sake of storing up intellectual knowledge, but to strengthen our faith, develop an understanding of the mission of God, and discover our part in it – both as individuals and as a church.

To do it well, we’ve assembled an awesome lineup of guided materials that anyone can use to successfully host a Jesus 365 gathering. Each of the lessons are meant to be finished in a two-hour (2 hr.) time period and include a proposed agenda suggesting how long to spend on each section. You can read in more detail the goal of the materials and a breakdown of the major elements in the Jesus 365 User’s Guide.


One of the ways we’ll stay connected and encouraged along the way is through daily devotions provided by members of our community who are participating in the personal reading plan and small group gatherings. To receive these inspirational messages from others like you who are learning and growing through JESUS 365 and join in on the conversations, you can follow us on any of these platforms:

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