He’s There In The Text!

My kids grew up on the “Where’s Waldo” books and video games.  You know the game.  Waldo’s this goofy-looking skinny guy, funny clothes in a kind of a peppermint cap and you have to find Waldo in this mass of people and things in a picture. You have to find him there.  If you don’t know what he looks like, you will never find him. If you have a sort of passing idea of what he looks like, you may find him but it’s not likely. But if you know exactly what he looks like and you have studied him carefully enough, if you look long enough, you will find him. So we’re going to use the “Where’s Waldo” principle on the Scriptures, since we know exactly what Jesus Christ looks like, we are able to find Him.  That’s our plan for Valley Christian for 2017.  Together as a community we are going to search the Scriptures everyday to find Christ and report to each other where we find him.  That’s what Jesus 365 is all about.

For 2017 we built a four lane highway that takes us all to a place where we encounter Jesus in the text.  Each lane is designed to work with the other to help orient our year around the Scriptures both corporately and individually.

The personal lane is a daily commitment, typically 15 minutes a day, to encounter Christ through the Scriptures itself.  Imagine, everyone in our church reading the same passages of the Scripture every day through 2017.  The Bible Project has created a unique and powerful experience, called Read Scripture, to help us engage with the text throughout the year. Watch the video below and download the Read Scripture App to get started.

The communal lane is experienced in two manners.  Every weekday of 2017, a devotion will come to you via FaceBook or Instagram written by the people of Valley Christian Center who are participating in Jesus 365.  We hope sharing these personal encounters with the text will be a continuous encouragement for you to keep searching for Christ in the daily readings. In addition, we’ll bring to our House Church network interesting and practical resources for engaging and discussing what we are learning and discovering with others. Because there’s no real way to embody or apply the Scriptures outside of community, we’ll be intentional about providing those critical avenues.

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The worshipful lane is our Sunday gatherings. Our sermons will be tailored to maximize our understanding of what we will be reading and learning, leading us into theological reflection and response. Monthly sermon series will be created to capture how we see Christ in the text (see titles below).  To the degree it’s possible, we will integrate our worship experience to Biblical readings of the week.

The educational lane will be comprised of lectures from Bible scholars and theologians concerning the origin, development, understanding and application of the Bible. All lectures are open to the public and will involve Q&A.


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